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  • Royal Wedding Office Viewing Party How-to Guide

    Now that the Royal Wedding schedule for April 29 has been released, it's clear to those of us on this side of the pond that watching it live will require not only a high quality alarm clock but also enough caffeine to bring back Queen Victoria. Do not despair, however! We've got a way for you to throw a royal wedding watching party at your office that people will roll out of bed early for...and one that will require minimal work, while maximizing fun. Yes, fun at the office. Before work, even. We promise!

    First, your plan of attack. Like any efficient office party, the key to this one is creative use of the sign-up sheet. You'll need people to bring nibbles, drinks and fun gear...without it becoming a pain or a budget-buster. 

    Gear: You won't need much to make a big impact. Most important is a screening area for the live, free Webcast from BBC America. If you've got a conference room with a projector, you have your setting! (Or, if you are going the TV route, CBS, CNN and BBC America have all promised all-day coverage.) Class up the place with a few fun items, including these terrific printable Royal Wedding photo props from Paper & Cake that will make your office's lively pre-work party the envy of the Facebook stream. (Needless to mention that if you print the items at work on the color printer, your cost will also be minimal.) Consider instituting a "BYOFTAS" policy..."bring your own fancy teacup and saucer"...and get the person who brings the napkins or plates (usually, let's face it, a cop-out thing to sign up for) to stamp each one with a fun stamp or the big day's date with food-safe colorants. Finally, decorate surfaces with printouts of tongue-in-cheek British-ness, like the Queen, the Union Jack or even corgis and beefeaters.

    Food: Easy and fun options include mini scones, a fruit tray with chocolate dipping sauce (think fondue), cut-up pieces of fruitcake (a traditional British wedding cake) and, if you've got someone with a flair for bakery craft, sugar cookies or cupcakes topped with edible pics of the happy couple. Or, assign people to bring cut up fruit, granola, honey and a big tub of plain, non-fat Greek-style yogurt for a "make your own yogurt parfait" station, complete with plastic champagne flutes to enjoy them out of, naturally.

    Drink: This will be all-important. You are going to need caffeine, and lots of it. Coffee, tea and water are usual office staples, but consider providing a few nice touches to gussy up the offerings. Fancy sugars, special loose-leaf tea or tasty fruit juice assortments could liven things up. And if your office allows, why not have the person who makes the highest salary bring a bottle of sparkling wine like Coppola Vineyard's beautiful Sophia Blanc de Blancs or inexpensive prosecco for early a.m. mimosas?

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    Activities: There are lots of fun variations of games that you could do for this event, including, but certainly not limited to:

    • Wedding toast competition. Award small prizes (or at least bragging rights) for the funniest, most moving and/or most pathetic toast offerings to the couple.
    • Office betting pool for marriage duration, number of times announcer will mention Lady Diana, etc.
    • Wedding Platitude Bingo, with a four-card pack downloadable for free courtesy of British clothing company Boden. Tick off the platitudes and clichés while the television coverage by rambling commentators carries on (and likely on).
    • Hat competition. Wearer of the gaudiest or nicest hats are first in line for cake.

    Planning checklist:
    Now: Send office Evite.
    April 18-22: Circulate sign up sheet. Order specialty supplies.
    April 24: Download photo props and print, cut out.
    April 27: Send reminder emails to people reminding them of what they promised to bring on Friday a.m.
    April 28: Decorate conference room before end of the day. Send out reminder email and set your alarm.
    April 29: Marvel at the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding while enjoying yourself, right before another day of workday drudgery begins.

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    • Elayne says...

      Hi, Teresa! Ha, so funny! I’m trying…we’ll see how this blogging goes. Right now, I do a personal blog, this blog and a business blog for Texas Enterprise…so one of them is bound to suffer, if not all three! :) I appreciate the kind words! Hope everything is great in Moosylvania!

      On April 15, 2011

    • Teresa S says...

      What a great article and PERFECT use for your sugars! I couldn’t believe it when I saw your name in the cnn twitter feed! What are the odds!

      On April 14, 2011

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