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    • Paul Merrill says...

      Hey, I met you at the SXSW seminar on elevator pitches. I found your sugar heart in my luggage & wanted to see how you were doing, post-pitch-seminar.

      One small suggestion I’d have for you would be a “Contact Us” link at the top of your site.


      On April 12, 2011

    • el@yne says...

      Hi, Paul! Thanks for the note! :) I do have a Contact Us page, under the “About” header. I appreciate the suggestion, though! Hope you are having a sweet week and recovered from the SxSX craziness. I still have some notes I scribbled at various sessions that I have to decode. ;) (What in the world did that mean, etc.?) Warm regards! Elayne

      On April 12, 2011

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