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  • Celebri-teas?

    The U.S. tea industry is booming, and it seems that even those with quite a bit of cash already can't resist the call of the kettle.

    Here are just some of the celebrity tea lines we've heard are brewing or have seen launched:

    • Lady Gaga (Just speculation.)
    • File this under "rumors" but Lady Gaga has apparently been courted by many a tea company and is even considering her own line. She's been quoted as saying that she drinks ginger tea to benefit her singing voice. Maybe you'd be a fan of some ginger lion sugars, Lady G? If you want some, they are yours (let us know)!

    • Donald Trump (Trump Tea)
    • While you may be hearing more recent talk about The Don and the Tea Party than about his loose leaf, Trump's eponymous tea line is now online. Apparently, he drinks tea only (no coffee), so you might even say that this business keeps him "fired" up. Hardy har har.

    • Padma Lakshmi (Easy Exotic Teas)
    • Completely gorgeous and culinary-ly gifted Padma Lakshmi has her own line of blooming teas that look like they put the fun in functional. As you would expect from a Top Chef guru.

    • Christie Brinkley (Tea Party Angels)
    • In a sort of twist, Chris-tea's offerings aren't so much products as they are a cause (and, no, it doesn't appear to be partisan). She and her daughter Sailor Lee are a part of Tea Party Angels, a national fundraising program that asks mothers and daughters to host tea parties to raise money for girls in need around the world. Now that's refreshing!

      Who are we missing? Comment and let us know!

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