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  • 5 Nice Teacher Thank You Gifts for Under $10

    As the school year winds down, you may be thinking of ways to thank your children's teachers for their hard work during the school year. Even if you are on a tight budget, a little sentiment (and creativity) can go a long way in making a teacher feel appreciated for the important work they do.

    Here are a few unique ideas that will be sure to strike a class-y note and that go beyond the typical gift card (though those are sure to be welcomed, as well).

  • A heartfelt thank-you note to the teacher, with a copy to the principal, pointing out the positive experience your child has had in the teacher's class, is always a thoughtful gesture, and one that only costs you a bit of your time.
  • Pretty robin's egg blue pencils with custom writing from Lillian Vernon could be personalized with the teacher's name, a memorable quote or anything else pithy. A set of 12 is $7.98.
  • A Calypso paisley pencil case from Target might help your favorite teacher stash their favorite writing tools in a safe place away from the constantly-raided-by-students pencil cup. At $9.99, this case shouldn't harm your wallet too much.
  • Hand-drawn bookplates from Paper Source are whimsical (and functional) classroom library helpers, allowing teachers to lend books in a more-likely-to-be-returned manner. At $5.95 for 80, you can help protect an entire library for very little paper.
  • A potted fresh herb is a fun and useful present. Small, inexpensive plants like rosemary smell great, are easy to care for, bloom nicely -- and save money in the kitchen. Your gardening center can help you find something inexpensive and hardy for your region of the country.
  • Café Sugars are a natural, beautiful choice; you could even pair some with some tea or coffee. You didn't think we'd forget these, did you? (Hey, they are just a bonus...notice they are technically number 6.)
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