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    Good morning!

    Are you running through your morning trying to balance multiple cups of coffee and your other belongings? Wired.com recently featured a new coffee holder that holds "infinite cups of coffee." Smart Holder, created by innovative designer Jongwoo Choi,  is a drink holder ring with grooves that allows it to link with other rings.  Better yet, it also has attachable handles (as seen in the photo).  Unfortunately, this product is only an idea and hasn't been marketed yet.  Cool nonetheless, right?  What other creative (or innovative) ideas have you seen that might catch the eye of fellow coffee lovers and tea drinkers?

    Want to see more of Jongwoo Choi's unique ideas?

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    • Eirik Fung says...

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      We are interested in this coffee cup holder as a gift to our customers. Would you please advise where we could order some?


      On July 25, 2011

    • Elayne says...

      Hi, Eirik!

      It was created by Ryan Choi and from his Website – http://www.ryan-j.com/2011/03/image-i-will-be-after-doing-another.html – it looks like they are going to be mass producing them. I would definitely email him (his email is on his Web site, linked above). Good luck!

      :) Elayne

      On July 28, 2011

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