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  • No-Hassle Tea Tumbler

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    What do you get when you cross a teapot, tea infuser, and heater? Answer: Kicker Studio's No-Hassle Tea Tumbler.  This tumbler is low-tech and calculates the right amount of tea leaves to use to get a perfect two cups of tea.   The teapot is inserted at the bottom of the device and then flashes a light to show which kind of tea you've selected to brew.  Once the water reaches the right temperature, the tumbler will chirp to tell you to flip the device over.  Once flipped, the device will start steeping the tea.  After it is done steeping, you simply have to flip it again to its original position, pour, and enjoy.  It's pretty sweet that technology has advanced this far, isn't it? What other cool ideas have you seen lately?

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