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  • Call for Sugar Party Pics!

    [caption id="attachment_512" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Conga line or no, we'd love pictures of our Café Sugars at your latest bash!"]conga line[/caption]We have been thrilled as our custom and party business continues to grow like gangbusters...but sad about one small (sweet) thing. We rarely get to see the sugars in action on the big day!

    Have you used Café Sugars at an event? Whether they were favors, part of tea/coffee service, or used as other decor, we want/need/beg you pretty please for pictures! Your smart and cute ideas for partying with our sugars is sure to inspire others to sweeten their next shindig.

    Send us a pic of the sugars at your latest event, and if we use it on our blog, we'll send you two free 6-packs of sugar of your choosing! Or, if it's a really awesome picture (Pinterest-able), we'll send you a whole party pack of vanilla roses! Sugar scouts honor.

    Hmmm. I like that idea. Should we start a sugar scouts program? Our badges could be each flavor/shape you've tried?...

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