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  • Sneak Preview...New Party Pack(aging)

    I've been as busy as little sugar bee at ASW headquarters (i.e. my guest room/office). One project, in particular, is chugging along and I'd love to share a preview of it with you: our new Party Pack box has been beautifully illustrated by incredibly talented artist Stacie Bloomfield!

    Initially, our party pack packaging was just a few stickers on a nice, white box, but *yay* they've been selling quite well and I've been mulling over how to move them into the retail-ready zone in response to retailer demand. If you've ever worked with packaging, you know it's crazy expensive to do anything that's not off-the-shelf. So, an off the shelf box it is. But that leaves you with a sad/nagging question: how to make that plain white box rock the socks off of all who sees it?

    I am a huge fan of Stacie's work, which I first saw when my mom sent me some of her beautiful postcards. Stacie (known by etsy shop handle "Gingiber" -- for Ginger -- who, btw hails from my much-loved Arkansas) has a real talent for illustration and design. Check out her amazing etsy shop and you'll quickly see why I thought of her first when I knew we'd need more permanent packaging. A charming illustration is just the thing we need to move our relatively bland white box into our next phase...sweet world domination. When she agreed, I was thrilled!

    [caption id="attachment_516" align="alignright" width="402" caption="Stacie's Beautiful Illustration (cut out on my mock-up box)"][/caption]

    These new boxes are not ready for sale yet (this is just a very basic mockup). I've got to figure out a way to get these printed directly on the boxes I have via letterpress or silkscreen, or barring that, printed onto awesomely large stickers. But the boxes will have a diecut window where the sugars will peak through the open sugar-bowl. (Right now that's just a little cellophane window, and will probably stay that way.) And I will need to add some basic text across the bottom of the box with weight and product name information (probably on a very thin, translucent sticker, so that I can print them as needed, given we do so many different shapes and flavors).

    What do you think? Much love and sweetness,


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