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  • Make Any Tea (Pretty Much) Decaf

    I love tea but sometimes I want a cup late at night but need to avoid the caffeine. The easiest way to deal with that is to have some decaf tea on hand, but 95% of the time, that's not what I drink. It seems silly to keep a tea around that I don't normally much enjoy. So imagine my surprise when I heard about this fun trick in Moby's book, teany.

    No fancy tricks needed; simply steep your tea in just enough water to cover the leaves or tea bag for 30-45 seconds, pour out the liquid, and then re-steep as usual. Doing this will get rid of 90% or so of the caffeine, and will save enough of the flavor and aroma to still enjoy your usual cuppa. Naturally, black tea (even with this trick) will retain more caffeine that normally-less-caffeinated teas, so you still might want to avoid a full-bodied tea at night, even defanged.

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