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  • Will Life Hand You Lemon...Sugars?

    lemon slice party pack <<<These lemons are anything but sour. 

    The political season bringing you down? Scary headlines making you want to hide under the covers? It's all going to be okay, sunshine!

    Celebrate with our Lemons into Lemonade on Labor Day contest.

    Reflect on life's sweetness by commenting below with a note about what you feel lucky about. One comment will be randomly selected to win a party pack box of our Lemon Slice sugars! And even if you don't win the sugars, the process is sure to make you feel perkier!

    Comment on this blog post by midnight on Labor Day (Monday, September 3), to be entered into the contest. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 4.

    Keep Sweet!

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    • Elayne says...

      I ran the random number finder, and #6 is our winner! Thank you all for sharing your sweet comments and for the sunshine they contain. Marliss, drop me a line at elayne@austinsugarworks.com to connect (your email seems to be bouncing back). Hugs to all.

      On September 04, 2012

    • Ruth Briggs says...

      Sweet pretty little lemon sugars . . . just the extra special thing for my afternoon drink. Lucky me, to win Lemon Sugars would spark a smile on my face!

      On September 02, 2012

    • Elizabeth says...

      I’m so lucky to love what I do! Buying for a specialty food store and organizing events makes me feel like an adventurous hostess: every day I take a chance on new products and make sure all the details are in order! And, I get to do all this in New York City, where I’ve dreamed of living since I was little. It’s all come together, and for that I am so fortunate!

      On September 03, 2012

    • Claire says...

      Thanks for the giveaway & happy labor day!

      On September 03, 2012

    • Rachel P. says...

      I feel really lucky when my oldest son grabs me by the face and gives me “sugar.” Nothing can make my day turn around for the better than sweet kisses from my two year old.  

      On September 03, 2012

    • Janet says...

      I am lucky that I’ve had a full life and it keeps refilling itself like a magic pitcher! I’ve got a great family and good friends, and every day I find that I’m blessed even more.

      On September 02, 2012

    • Heather Ben-Judah says...

      Blessed to have a husband and children who I adore, a job I love, and enough money to pay the bills every month :)

      On September 02, 2012

    • Debby says...

      I’m fortunate to have a wonderful husband and amazing father by my side while raising out two vibrant little boys. Wouldn’t rather be with anyone else!

      On September 02, 2012

    • James says...

      I feel lucky that I get to live in the weird, beautiful and amazing city of Austin!

      On August 30, 2012

    • Cecilia says...

      You know, I feel very lucky to be part of a vibrant food community filled with passionate, creative and caring people. I am grateful that despite not being independently wealthy (not giving up just yet), I am rich in friends and family whom I adore. Life isn’t always great, but it is always good, and I am glad to be living it every single day.

      On August 30, 2012

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