Thanks & Giving

Sweet Wishes and Many Thanks to:

The wonderful Miss Sasha Haagensen of Sasha Haagensen Photography for the beautiful product photos!

Matt at Storefront Themes

A thank you, as well, to the following people, who allow (under Creative Commons licensing) small businesses like me to make my pages visually interesting! A big thank you to:


We try to make a core part of our business the art of giving back. Here are a few of the small ways we've reached out so far. As we are a very small business, unfortunately, our ability to give free product is limited. Because of this, our current policy is to consider requests from customers only.

WiMPS: Supported Women in Music Profession's mission with in-kind donation of custom pink lonestar-guitar pick sugars.
KOOP Radio: Supported KOOP Radio with an in-kind donation for their Sweet 16 Birthday fundraising efforts.