Why Café Sugars?

Every now and again, you are going to need to sweeten a beverage.

While this is a normal, day-to-day decision to make...at work...at a restaurant...at home...up until now, the process was pretty much guaranteed to be a bit boring, and even sometimes straight-out dreary.

Really, who enjoys opening a packet of chemicals? Or, going natural with pure sugar and finding, to your dismay, your sweetener is sitting at the bottom of your cup, glaring up at you? Liquid sweeteners, like agave and honey, taste fine, but who wants to lug a sticky bottle in their purse?

Enter...Café Sugars. Conveniently (and beautifully) packaged so that they can be carried with you, wherever you go, or served hygienically at your favorite fine food establishments. And, made of a fine, 100% natural sugar that will dissolve easily and leave your drink simply sweetened.

And, if you should find that you want a bit more bling in the flavor department, there are also flavors to choose from, giving you the power of customization, no matter where you are. A minty sweet hot coco? Perhaps a ginger-infused sugar for your tea? Or even a swift kick of vanilla for your coffee? We've got you covered with our Café Sugars flavored selections.

Find out what it feels like to enjoy the sweet flavors you desire in a beautifully easy way.

  • Superfine sugar dissolves quickly and fully
  • Flavors your drink naturally
  • Made with vegetable based colorants and pure extracts
  • Great at weddings...or at your office cubicle

[caption id="" align="center" width="150" caption="Available in many shapes, colors and flavors"][/caption]