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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="140"] Available in many shapes, colors and flavors[/caption]

Austin Sugarworks is proud to offer bulk and custom-order sugars for our customers. Email us ( with the shape idea you are interested in, as well as any other applicable details (flavor, color) and quantity; depending on the complexity of the design (and whether or not we can buy the shape, vs. custom-produce it), we will price out your order for you and will work with you to meet your project or event's needs.

  • Superfine sugar dissolves quickly and fully
  • Flavors your drink naturally
  • Made with vegetable based colorants and pure extracts
  • Great at weddings, or any event

[caption id="attachment_582" align="alignleft" width="300"] We can even do letters![/caption]

We can create a surprising variety of shapes and textures with our specialty sugar, but due to our unique hand-made process, there are a few caveats. All shapes must be able to be produced in our normal process so that we can create the highest quality product for you. In simple terms, this means: all sugar designs must have at least one flat side (i.e. a bottom of some sort) and must be capable of being rendered in a two-dimensional format (i.e. we can't do a really thin piece of sugar with a bunch of writing on it, like a piece of paper or a photo). Detail is encouraged in your sculpted piece of art, but be aware that some detail (i.e. small writing or unusual angles) may not work well in sugar form. If you have a logo you would like rendered into sugars, we can work with you to convert it into a two-dimensional format.

"Elayne from Austin Sugarworks customized some beautiful orange guitar pick sculpted sugars with the Texas star on them for our wedding in January. My husband is a musician and we love Austin and wanted something fun to put on the coffee table to fit in with our eclectic wedding. They were a HUGE hit. Elayne even wrapped them individually for us and I found out later that tons of guests stuck them in their purses to take home...they were not only putting them in their coffee, they were eating them like candy and loved them!
If you are having a party or even just want a little oomph when having friends over for coffee or tea, you must get these sugars. Not only are they exquisite, they taste so, so good!" - Hillary B. (on Yelp)

We currently offer the following flavors, made with pure extracts: unflavored (just sugar taste...sweet!), vanilla, rose, orange, lime, lemon, ginger, lavender, and peppermint. Other flavors are available by request, as are blended flavors (for example, ginger-lime). For certain hard-to-get flavors, additional charges may apply.

We currently offer an 8-color sugar palette standard, and custom colors by consult. Our eight main colors are: light pink, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and white (color chart coming soon!). We much prefer our sugars only contain one color, but may be able to make exceptions for custom work (extra charges may apply). Keep in mind that sugar is really white! so in order to create truly vivid or dark colors (i.e. a red or burnt orange, for example), we would need to add a LOT of vegetable colorant. Not only is this inefficient, but this quantity would leave your drink an unusual color that may not be to your liking or would simply be off-putting. Therefore, we've designed our standard palette around colors that work best with sugar, in both pre-beverage and post-beverage forms. If all else fails, remember, white is a beautiful color for a sugar, too, and very elegant!

[caption id="attachment_443" align="alignleft" width="300"] There are a million ways to personalize your event packaging.[/caption]

We will gladly work with you on your packaging or display idea for your event...whether that is fun candy dishes, plastic candy bins with scoops or tall apothecary jars with tongs. For those who choose to get their sugars individually, you have the option of including a small note, photo in each, or to adorn them with custom labels or stickers.