• Sweet Heart Sugars

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    We think you will love these sugars! (Giggle, giggle.) Our Sweet Heart Sugars are made of solely sugar and vegetable-derived colorants, and come in a six-piece Tasting Pack containing three pairs of differently colored sugars. Each sugar is approximately 6 grams, which is around the same size as a traditional packet of sugar. 

    Austin Sugarworks makes 100% all-natural sugars for use in beverages or in baking decor. Our sugars are specially designed to dissolve in a superior fashion, leaving no sugar sludge. We never add artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives to our products. As such, though our sugars never "go bad," over time the color or flavor (for flavored varieties) may fade. We recommend using your sugars within a month or two of buying them for maximum enjoyment -- but if you don't, don't fret, they are perfectly safe to eat at any time.

    Café Sugars from Austin Sugarworks…sweeten your day!

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  • Sweet Heart Sugars
  • Sweet Heart Sugars

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